Ridgecrest Elementary

Ridgecrest Elementary

Welcome to Ridgecrest Elementary. 26% of the students at our school are on the free or reduced lunch program, and out of that number, 20 are also food insufficient in their homes. Thanks to USANA Kids Eat donors, these 20 kids can receive weekend bags of food. That’s seven meals to get them through till Monday.

Adopting or donating to our fundraiser will help us feed these hungry kids in the current/upcoming school year.  100% of your donation goes directly to food and resources that are crucial to distributing the meals! USANA covers all administrative costs. Thanks for your consideration!

Ridgecrest has an amazing diverse community. The students, faculty and parents have a strong sense of pride for their school. We are a Chinese Dual Immersion school and students come from outside our boundaries to attend our program. Ridgecrest has a lot of movement each year with families moving in and out of our school. We have a strong PTA and our community is always willing to step up and help others in need. Twenty-seven percent of our students are from low income families and 8% of our students are English Language Learners. 

We have a dedicated staff who advocate for our at-risk students and do our very best to obtain the best resources for these kids so they can learn and grow.  To learn more about our school, please visit our website at https://ridgecrest.canyonsdistrict.org/

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