Get Involved: Help USANA Kids Eat Feed More Local Utah Kids

USANA Kids Eat is dedicated to combating childhood hunger in Utah by providing nutritious meals weekly in backpacks to food-insecure children at 40+ schools across the Wasatch Front.

Through donations, volunteering, and community engagement, we ensure kids have access to essential nutrition, empowering them to thrive and succeed.

If you’re interested in making our program a success, we’d love to have your support! Here are a few main ways you can get involved with our program.

While we are so lucky to have a surplus of volunteers to help us pack bags, we’re always in need of school sponsors to fund the bags our volunteers pack! Make a one-time or monthly donation today, or learn more about sponsoring a school along the Wasatch Front.

But let’s talk through the specifics of how you can help our program thrive. Here’s how you can get involved with our Salt Lake City-based USANA Kids Eat program that feeds hungry Utah kids!

Make a Donation!

Support the USANA Kids Eat program with a one-time or monthly donation! Whether you’re an individual, business, or organization, your dollar makes a huge difference.

Every dollar goes toward feeding thousands of children across the Wasatch Front each week! no matter how you financially give, know that 100% of your donations will go toward feeding hungry kids since USANA Health Sciences covers all of our admin costs! Every dollar donated goes directly into food for kids and gas for our delivery trucks, plain and simple.

Sponsor a Local School

Make a lasting impact by sponsoring a specific school’s meals for the school year, providing ongoing meal support for every child in need. This commitment ensures a reliable source of nutrition for students throughout the entire school year, giving them the support and energy needed to succeed.

Fundraise for a Local School

Organize a fundraiser to support a school in your area, connecting with your community while meeting the immediate needs of hungry Utah children. Your efforts contribute to helping local students thrive and grow into hopeful leaders!

An easy way to get started is to pick a school on our sponsorship page that needs support.

Volunteer to Pack or Deliver Bags

Get hands-on by participating in our bag-packing and school delivery opportunities.

Packing bags is great for individuals and groups and guarantees that children receive a bag of seven nutritious meals each weekend throughout the school year.

Host a Food-Packing Event

Take the lead by organizing and hosting a one-time food-packing event! Empower your business, church, or community group to address childhood hunger locally, making memories and making a difference.

Your involvement will include event setup, food donation, and volunteer coordination—we’ll help you pack the bags and deliver them when we’re done! Reach out to us for more information on running a food pack!

Thank You for Your Support

No matter how you’re able to get involved with our program, we’re so grateful for your support!

Every person involved with USANA Kids Eat is invested in the livelihood and well-being of the amazing kids who live in our local Utah community. Together, we can support and empower them in ways that make them feel seen, loved, and cared for.

Our bags not only provide quality nutrition, but they also provide hope for the future. We thank you for your interest in getting involved in our program, and we hope to see you on our pack line soon!

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We believe everyone should have access to quality nutrition.

Childhood hunger is unacceptable. The USANA Kids Eat program provides the framework to combat hunger, remove meal uncertainty, and challenge the community to join our cause. By creating powerful partnerships within the community, together, we can provide a stable source of food, helping kids reach their fullest potential. Every meal gives relief to struggling families and provides kids with the nutrition they need to succeed in school, pursue their dreams, and sleep easier. Because no child should ever go hungry.