7 Reasons Proper Nutrition is Vital for Utah’s Kids through USANA Kids Eat

In beautiful Utah, amidst the mountains and vibrant communities, a pressing issue often hides in plain sight—1 in 9 kids are going hungry.

At USANA Kids Eat, we are dedicated to addressing this crisis through our weekend food program. Let’s talk about the critical reasons why ensuring proper nutrition for children is not just important but imperative, especially through initiatives like ours.

1. Physical Health and Growth

How many Utah kids go hungry? Too many, as it’s estimated 14,000 students in Salt Lake City don’t know where their next meal will come from.

The USANA Kids Eat Food Backpack Program ensures that every child we serve receives a backpack filled with nutritious meals every weekend for the entire school year. These carefully-built bags are designed to provide 7 meals full of essential nutrients crucial for healthy growth and development.

2. Academic Success

Well-fed children perform better academically. By bridging the gap between meals, our backpacks empower kids to focus on their studies, participate actively in class, and achieve higher academic success.

3. Weekend Support

Weekends can be particularly challenging for hungry kids in Utah. Our program provides weekend backpacks, ensuring that children have access to nourishing meals even when school meals are not available, thus bridging the nutritional gap.

4. Emotional Well-being

A warm meal can bring comfort and stability to a child’s life. By providing consistent, nutritious meals, we contribute to the emotional well-being of these children, offering them a sense of security and care.

5. Family Support

Our program doesn’t just stop at the child; it extends support to families too. By providing essential food items, we alleviate the financial strain on families, fostering a healthier environment at home.

6. Community Strengthening

The USANA Kids Eat Food Backpack Program doesn’t just provide food; it nurtures communities. By supporting families in need, we strengthen the social fabric of Utah, building a sense of unity and compassion.

7. Breaking the Hunger Cycle

By addressing the immediate need for nutrition, our program plays a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of hunger. Well-fed children are more likely to grow into healthy, educated adults, contributing positively to society and, in turn, helping future generations.

About Kids Eat and the USANA Kids Eat Food Backpack Program

As a local Salt Lake City Utah nonprofit, USANA Kids Eat has been combating hunger for several years.

Our USANA Kids Eat Food Backpack Program has provided weekend backpacks filled with nutritious meals to thousands of hungry kids. Through strategic partnerships and the support of generous donors, we make this impactful initiative possible, ensuring no child goes hungry.

Join us in our mission. Together, let’s continue to feed hungry kids in Utah, nurturing their potential, fostering healthier communities, and building a brighter future for all.

With your support, we can make a difference, one backpack, and one child at a time because no child should ever go hungry.

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We believe everyone should have access to quality nutrition.

Childhood hunger is unacceptable. The USANA Kids Eat program provides the framework to combat hunger, remove meal uncertainty, and challenge the community to join our cause. By creating powerful partnerships within the community, together, we can provide a stable source of food, helping kids reach their fullest potential. Every meal gives relief to struggling families and provides kids with the nutrition they need to succeed in school, pursue their dreams, and sleep easier. Because no child should ever go hungry.