The Ribbon is Cut


In 2012, USANA Founder Dr. Myron Wentz and his son, former CEO Dave Wentz, created the USANA True Health Foundation to enable the USANA family to expand and enhance the company’s charitable efforts.

Since its creation, the Foundation has raised US $13 million, provided over 40 million meals, and reached 26 countries around the world.

But the Foundation’s history is steeped in much more than dollars and stats.

Disaster relief, food packs, partnerships with other charity organizations, globe-trotting service trips—the Foundation has made an undeniable impact on the entire world over the course of seven short years. And 2019 was its biggest year—so far.

As USANA’s reach has expanded, so has the Foundation’s team. From its humble beginnings to present day, they’ve gone from one employee to a staff of seven.

Seeing the Foundation’s mission through is no easy task. Fortunately, USANA Foundation President Brian Paul and his group—Ayugi Ntambwe-Kalala, Eric Davies, Michelle Benedict, Geoff Partain, Brittney Howell, and Silvia Vowles—are committed changing the world for the better.

And they’ve brought their mission of eliminating hunger throughout the world to USANA’s backyard.

On Thursday, December 19, Brian Paul, Lynda Brown (Kids Eat founder), Kevin Guest, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Foundation staff, and the entire USANA executive team cut the ribbon on the USANA Kids Eat Center, located just north of the USANA Home Office, and celebrated a new chapter for the USANA Foundation.

Now, the the entire community is invited to donate dollars for food and pack bags for the one in five children in Utah who don’t know where their next meal will come from.

In addition to the Kids Eat grand opening, the moniker USANA True Health Foundation was officially changed to the USANA Foundation, a rebrand which comes with an updated logo and a revised mission statement.

With the swap of a title and the snip of a ribbon comes the daunting task of getting food to the impoverished and malnourished around the world. With your help the Foundation can accomplish their mission.

Look for more information in upcoming blog posts and be sure to reserve your spot on the packing line so you can help rovide food for at-risk children in Utah.

Read more news and articles from the Salt Lake Tribune, ABC 4, Deseret News, Facebook and  Fox 13.

Now let’s go feed some kids!

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We believe everyone should have access to quality nutrition.

Childhood hunger is unacceptable. The USANA Kids Eat program provides the framework to combat hunger, remove meal uncertainty, and challenge the community to join our cause. By creating powerful partnerships within the community, together, we can provide a stable source of food, helping kids reach their fullest potential. Every meal gives relief to struggling families and provides kids with the nutrition they need to succeed in school, pursue their dreams, and sleep easier. Because no child should ever go hungry.